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ThirtyTwo Spot Check- Stevens Pass

Watch Dylan Alito and Brandon Hobush at Stevens Pass. Mid December 2012.

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  • Walter

    this was so fuckin awesome i love stomped tricks

  • ganj

    love the weed maaaaaaan

  • kittenpuncher

    Where is @killkittenpuncher you wanna go another round fuck booiiii? Once again another solid spot check wish we saw more of the team though.

  • hUh

    best part about this edit is hobush is off stepchild

  • Park Department

    One more reason Washington is better than Utah we don’t have stupid laws that put people in jail for a flower. But there are no handrails so please stay where you live.

  • ho

    bush fits in with stepchild better. dope edit though

  • soft&chewy

    got damn hobush is good. never get tired of watching him ride

  • J

    hobush has mad tricks i just wish his feet were a bit further apart it would be much nicer to watch

  • wumbo

    Am I the only one that thinks 32 needs to come up with a new intro? I don’t give a fuck about that “possible handrail.


    @wumbo we’re working on it! 2013!

  • The Music Though

    32 consistently uses the worst music in their spot checks…every. damn. time.

  • Puff the Magic Dragon

    Drugs are bad kids

  • KimJongIllest