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ThirtyTwo Spot Check- Stevens Pass

Watch Dylan Alito and Brandon Hobush at Stevens Pass. Mid December 2012.

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Comments (13)

  1. this was so fuckin awesome i love stomped tricks

  2. Where is @killkittenpuncher you wanna go another round fuck booiiii? Once again another solid spot check wish we saw more of the team though.

  3. best part about this edit is hobush is off stepchild

  4. One more reason Washington is better than Utah we don’t have stupid laws that put people in jail for a flower. But there are no handrails so please stay where you live.

  5. bush fits in with stepchild better. dope edit though

  6. got damn hobush is good. never get tired of watching him ride

  7. hobush has mad tricks i just wish his feet were a bit further apart it would be much nicer to watch

  8. Am I the only one that thinks 32 needs to come up with a new intro? I don’t give a fuck about that “possible handrail.

  9. @wumbo we’re working on it! 2013!

  10. 32 consistently uses the worst music in their spot checks…every. damn. time.


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