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Mont du Laps #2

The Mont du Laps crew (IN WISCONSIN) proves that it’s really not that hard to make a good park edit.

Featuring riding by Dan Spooner, Kai Sandal, Paul Lavold, James Olson, Jackson Brown, & Danny Kiolbasa.

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Comments (29)

  1. it may be in Wisco, but we’re all from MN!

  2. God dammit I just shit myself and I’m at work. Now I have to go home and grab a new pair of slacks. Thanks a lot jambox for that, great edit but a lot of people are asking why I am walking funny and smell terrible.

  3. So good. pants-over-the-boots kid though, so many questions…. youre not Stathis. and you were wearing snowpants over the boots…. apart from that, these kids ripped.

  4. sick edit dudes, but who makes the park?

  5. that spooner fellow has a mean set of arms

  6. Jibbin’ on skis looks so fuckin’ gay!

  7. bahhhhhhh anyone tryin to go tonight?!

  8. oh ya danny your a pussy, get a back 5 onto the rail

  9. ender was sweet. also, @Stlouisalaskan, how does what someone wears make them “rip” or not. I dont care if you dont like the rolled up pants, but that doesnt mean the dude wasnt good. all these guys “ripped”.

  10. Awesome songs, motherfukahs need to chill on the slhomos

  11. you guys, my pants should be the last thing you worry about. at least im killing it.

  12. Although the song was used in a Naptime at Park City edit back in the day, it was well overdue for another edit. plus these doods rip.

  13. Ooooh dopeDICK trying to start some shit. Suck a dick faggot. Jambox and Make are cool with each other and we don’t start shit unlike your lockerroom wrestling-loving self.

  14. The song brings me back to the naptime days….

  15. Squidward, my dude, I’m comfortable with these arms you speak of.

  16. i luh dis shit reminds me of loonatics

  17. that want kai all cocky above. but i do believe people shouldnt trip about my pants. theyre tattered and i prefer them rolled, chill. and dopedick shut the fuck up. jambox and make friends crew are homies just like everyone who laps du lac. were all one big fam. quit yobeat-vibing and tryin to start shit.

  18. I thought this site was for vibing??? Nice edit guys!

  19. Paul Lavold’s shots were the best.

  20. only vibing in the good way! dan spooner getting tricky

  21. Why do I live in CO and feel like I should ride the midwest?

    There’s soul out there in the flatlands.


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