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Singlecork-Part 3: Mt. Baker Powder

Some say, “no friends on a pow day.” Airblaster knows powder is best when you’re riding with your friends! For your free copy of Singlecork, head over to

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  • HWY 542 closure

    Just to forewarn all you holiday travelers up to Mt. Baker.
    The road was closed today due to trees blocking both directions of the hwy. WADOT said it might be next year when it opens. In the meantime there are plenty of other ski areas open like Stevens, Alpental or go to CANADA!

  • ble

    fuck this guy^^^ me and my whole crew are moving there tmorrow

  • Department of Transportation

    Really the road was closed 12/19 and will be closed again 12/20 according to Bakers website.
    End of the world storm.

  • jacob

    remember the park is covered with 6 feet of snow, theres no point in riding there

  • Park Department

    The park is nonexistent. Maybe this spring they’ll have something for ya. Until then 12/20 isn’t happening.