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Daily Distraction #2

Some classic Big Boulder Park riding with porn stars in the titles. What more could you want?

This post is dedicated to the memory of Jason Schilling. RIP.

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (23)

  1. the girls were the best part by far

  2. I’m a big booty ho ho ho merry XXXMAS!

  3. this is how all snowboard videos should be

  4. why didnt they put in the names of the people in the edit?

  5. Watched the vid all the way through

  6. i back this. these kids know whats good. they be on that trife shit.

  7. Cut out the guys. Strap the girls into snowboards naked, send them down a mogul field.

  8. what were the names of those girls I want to masturbate to them

  9. 24/7 nigga, workin’ his ass for it, she poppin’ that ass for it
    The King of Diamonds wit’ diamonds I never do ask for

  10. Alexis texas (first) Madison ivy (second)

  11. this song is older than any of the people in the video, porn chicks included.

  12. God Damn, that’s quite the strategy you have there to make me watch the whole edit.

  13. snowboarding in the mid-atlantic zone is kinda depressing…just sayin

  14. i paused at the second chick so i can rub one out

  15. Those little fucks still owe me $40.

  16. I would drag my dick thru 5 miles of glass just to hear Alexis Texas fart thru walkie talkie but seriously, the anthrax cover of this song is pretty good.

  17. These pornstars were such a good idea. I actually watched this video 3 times just because of them


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