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Viktor Simko FULL PART

As close runners up for the “best am team of the year,” Rome Snowboards is determined to prove us wrong will full parts like this.

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  2. remember when ben hinkley was doing no-grab double backflips in the x games 12 years ago and everyone thought he was a clown?

  3. haha that chick at the end was all mad confused after that drop-

  4. thought it was gonna be a johnny cash song and got hyped, riff raff still went in doe

  5. if they’re brothers why do they have different last names?

  6. @well… They be from da hood yo! smoke swag! rigatoni! stupid swag!

    I don’t know how many of you have googled or youtubed Riff Raff, but that is some of the funniest shit. To believe someone really acts that way in real-life just blows my mind.

  7. Limp bizkit soundtrack and stock tricks. The Rome team is falling apart…

  8. @partydick Rome just got jonah owen they have lazz and ozzy try again

  9. Just checked the website. No Lazz, no Lucas. Jonah rips, never heard of Ozzy.

  10. @partydick he is an AM for Rome

  11. that was the worst song ive ever heard. part was sick tho

  12. We still read. “As close runners up for the “best am team of the year,” Rome Snowboards is determined to price us wrong will full parts like this.”

  13. My son’s are killing the game. I’m glad they collabed on this edit.

  14. Best part he’s ever come out with by far!! the first clip waz the ill. THE ILL.


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