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PreJib: Waterville and Boreal

Rome PreJib is happening across these old United States. First, the youths of Waterville Valley are wasting no time this season. Heavy things thrown down in an early season rail jam.

And since we posted this one, the youths of Boreal decided to get in on the action too!

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Comments (15)

  1. sick song……………apsyyyych

  2. rippin titties

  3. so she won first second and third? #talent

  4. Why does that Doucette character always feel the need to go bigger than everyone else?

  5. Parker S. will eat your face. and then puke it out and wear it

  6. Nick douchette does the bossiest gaps

  7. seems like every damn resorts got the down flat down donkey this season

  8. doucette is so fucking loose its amazing.

  9. that first edit was horrible…. way to sit on one feature and try to put the most core song ever in there………

  10. holy shit i couldnt even make it through the first one. shitty song/edit

  11. sick ass song+slowmo everytrick=killing it……

  12. that guy waving money in the second video looked like the biggest douche ever


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