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Evaporate FULL MOVIE

Remember last season when it never bothered to snow? The Seven Springs crew managed to keep the parks on point all season. Here’s Ian Macy’s full flick, dedicated to that constant state of change and the fight to create a seasonal masterpiece on the slopes.

Filmed by Ian Macy, Tyler Malay, Paul Heran and Trip Brown

Edited by Ian Macy

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Comments (9)

  1. bummed as fuck, I cant watch. Don’t have vimeo plus.

  2. all these fucking camo wearing little scenesters need to blow their acl


    ps, fuck you scenesters

    Apart from that dope shit braaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. haters get that head busted. you want a problem and we’ll get it jumpin. these dudes make something out of nothing…

  4. damn that was really sick, I gotta check that place out now.

  5. wait, was that a gun? that was a gun.

  6. Ya camo didnt exist until 2012.

  7. at first i wasnt stoked, then i got stoked, then i got stoked-er

  8. is hironakas arm really broken? shit man that was sick