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Steez for the Cheez Rail Jam

Rail Jam setup at Marquette Mountain. $500 cash prize for male and female

Filmed//Edited by Mike Kvackay |

1st Place Male – Jake Moore

1st Place Female – Jessi Heuge

Thanks to Casualties Skate and Snow for putting on the Event.

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Comments (11)

  1. worst name ever, or best name ever? cute that jake and jessi won, seeing as they’re a couple.

  2. Fuck mike kvacky . Go home gaper

  3. Id take those singles to a strip club, no fuckkkkin doubt!

  4. Whoever edited this missed the majority of edit worthy tricks. Stick with skier edits, or all womens snowboard edits….same thing. Jessi killed it

  5. how to lose people’s interest in an edit instantly…start with girls.

  6. this edit sucks, whoever made it needs to learn how to film

  7. did not show one trick from first or second place, go home gaper


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