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Yobeat’s Official Awards 2012


After spending months pouring through the annals of snowboard gossip, history and media, Yobeat has prepared the only 2012 award list that should matter to anyone. It was tough, it took one whole iChat conversation to complete. Tons of people were left out. Actual data was almost completely dismissed as dumb or not very cool. But, after so much effort, so many bad jokes and a few actual moments of awkward silence following terrible jokes at the expense of nice people, we’ve done it; we’ve created the list of lists. So fuck you other magazines, blogs and commentors with shitty opinions. This is the 2012 Yobeat Rider Awards.

Co Fair Bull Riding

Rider of the Year: Sean Genovese

The last two years really paid off, watch DWD for proof.


Readers Choice Rider of the Year: Jed Anderson

Your votes count around here people.

Real Snowboarder of the Year: Xavier de Le Rue

No one can fuck with this guy in his element.


Euro of the Year: Gigi Ruf

He was on Yobeat a lot, got some covers, started some projects and is Gigi Ruf.

Rail Rider of the Year: Jed Anderson

He’s better than anyone so we picked him for another award too.


Contest Rider of the Year: Jamie Anderson

Every bitch died in the X Games, except the non-weed smoking Jamie Anderson.


Female Rider of the Year: Leanne Pelosi

She went fastest in Rat Race, looked good in a ninja suit and made women’s snowboarding look good.

Female Badass of the Year: Desiree Melancon

Best part ever filmed by a lady? Possibly.


Rookie of the Year: Danimals & Brandon Hobush

We couldn’t tell these two scrawny weird dudes apart, so they both win.

Movie of the Year: Dinosaurs Will Die

Finally, the spirit of snowboarding is again caught on film.


Canadian Movie of the Year: Dope 3

Some Canadian told us to do this.

Comeback of the Year: Nick Dirks

Way to put down the booze long enough to film a part, Dirks!

iChat Image(143429867)

Cutest Couple of the Year: Ben Rice & Brendan Gerard

Their heartache is real.


Best Wiener of the Year: Cory Grove

Long, sweaty and full of flavor, Cory Grove has the best wiener in the game.


Best Am Team of the Year: K2 Snowboarding

Rail killers, backcountry kids and the freaks n’ geeks that tie it all together.


Largest Am Team of the Year: Nitro Snowboarding

It’s massive, so massive they forgot Josh Parker is still getting free shit.

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 7.45.58 AM

The 2012 Tedore Award Goes To: Sean Tedore

For being the man, 365 days a year.


Mistake of the Year: The Jibberish Web Series

Shame on you guys.


Corporate Purchase of the Year: Adidas Snowboard Team

Derrick Rose still makes more than all of them combined any day of the week.

Best Contest Score of the Year: Shaun White

What dumb fuck decided someone could score 100?

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 3.18.21 PM

Best Instagram of the Year: Justin Beiber wearing Poler

Check out more Poler gear in the new “Girls” trailer.

Photo stolen from Facebook.

Best Tattoo of the Year: Nate Bozung “Duh Life” Face Tattoo

Branding at its best.


Most Bangable Pro-Mom of the Year: Vera Janssen

Kids chant MILF from the lift.


Ginger of the Year: Colleen Quigley

Her crotch might be on fire, but it’s making so many others hot, hot, hot.

Best Site of the Year: Airblaster

Feels like a friendly place to hangout.


Youngest Person of the Year: Red Gerard

If you don’t count that fetus we found at SIA.


Stupidest Bullshit of the Year: Trying to get sponsored on Facebook

Because no TM on earth gives a fuck about your profile photo.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 3.47.46 PM

Industry Intern of the Year: Alex Burton (Poler)

Just try to dispute this award. Alex will stab you and hide you in his van.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 3.53.05 PM

Worst Nickname of the Year: Jerm

Second place went to a bum we met in Portland named, “Herp.”

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 3.52.03 PM

Worst Yobeat Commentor of the Year: ChurrBoy

You’re going to hate your adult life so much. Ps. We miss you, kinda.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 4.17.00 PM

Best Commentor of the Year: Jerm’s Mom

Keep it up asshole.

And that’s all she wrote. We’re sure you’ll all argue about these in the comments, so have at it!

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (38)

    Shame on you guys.

  2. Really? Jerm’s mom gets best comments of the year? I thought I made some pretty good comments.

    I guess I’m a complete loser. Goodbye Yobeat. Don’t forget to support your local coal productions!

  3. looked like a chick on instagram yesterday.


  5. What award did flippinbird win??

  6. Killing forum was the biggest mistake

  7. And I’m pretty sure KC KYLE is the worst commenter…

  8. @Cobra_Dawg what board do you ride? And where did you get it from?

  9. I’d like to thank Comment con, for showing the world how much I actually suck at snowboarding. As well as Jerm for being so easy to pick on. Thank you

  10. Forgot Josh Parker was getting free shit hahah

  11. FUCK I need to find out who embarassed winnipeg like that

  12. And the least amount of snow award goes to Pennsylvania, william penn should never of made this damn place a place.

  13. How was I, Chode, passed up as the worst commentor. Churrboy ain’t got shit on me he doesnt even comment anymore. Churrboy I’ll show you what it means to be the worst commentor.

  14. Yobeat you have completely redeemed yourself by going around the readers and making a few nominations. Geno is mos def rider of the year given the choices. Wait to add Xavier to the list. That guy has balls the size of a rhino.

  15. What happened to the picture of JP and his chin? It was funny as fuck and I wanted to laugh at it again

  16. yo brooke: how the fuck do I log into the forums this shit is DICKERED

  17. Pretty sure my comments consistently have the most likes….. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY AWARD!

  18. I write for Yobeat from time to time and work for Nitro. So basically, no body important.

  19. Churrboy got worst commentor of the year because of that exposed article im guessing.

  20. kiss my ass and suck my dick everybody

  21. i’ll take credit for nate’s photo and jeremiah’s nickname. some of my greatest achievements. nice work on the awards yobeat. keep it loose!

  22. ^its true. thank you. its brought me so far. haha

  23. @ Joshua Parker

    My bad didnt know who you were but if you write for yobeat and work for nitro your alright in my book.

  24. After watching Jed’s part again, we should all quite this sport. Jed and Louif have it on lock!

  25. too bad churrboy doesnt run yobeat instead of wannabe skiers

  26. Excuse me why is there no award for the educated people in snowboarding? Like filmers…

  27. Part of the year- Layne Treeter. Guy rips


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