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Rollin Strange at Boreal

Following the rejection of their last edit, Strange Brew tightened things up and made this little ditty from Boreal, which we must say is aggressive and just plain awesome.

Riders: Brady Lem, Eric Verillo, Ian j Daly, Ricky Koukal, Scoli, Jake Casler, Jasper Tripp, Tommy Gesme,
Chad Blau. and some randos…
Filmed By: Danny Kern, Jake Pollock, and Brett Wulc
Edited: Danny Kern

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Comments (25)

  1. Brady tight pants Lem cumin in hot.

  2. hyland hills home town hero brady lem!!!!! youtube sensation

  3. i want brady’s dope dick so bad.

  4. looking good babe! (Brady Lem)

  5. holy fuck that front flip. also, Jasper is the coolest name ever

  6. That front flip was fucking massive Grendy would be proud.

  7. That front flip was fucking massive Grendy would be proud.

  8. i know what im getting you for christmas..

  9. I really dont trust signals board strength

  10. Someone needs to polejam front lip that down – flat.

  11. Thats sick reppin team 8 snowboards made in maine !!

  12. Tommy Gesme is my favorite snowboarder

  13. nice and loose! that 5-0 with the broken board was sick!

  14. bs 3 on fs 3 off was raw as fuck

  15. Definitelys nots dildos.
    Fronts flip was redickslous. Tailspress mades me giggles like skool girl

  16. doope!


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