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The Nike Snowboarding Project: Chapter 3

If you feel like Nike has taken over Yobeat right now, it’s because they have, and it’s all because of the release of this here video. Head into the great wide backcountry with Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Danny Kass and Eric Jackson and get kinda jealous that you’re not this good at snowboarding.

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Comments (8)

  1. I can’t wait for the new soccer-ball print outerwear nike’s dropping for 2014

  2. #getlaced the only lacing i do is lacing weed with that cocaine

  3. damn they are going so fast off those jumps really puts that into perspective

  4. Ugh, is the whole thing in that shitty filter. I’m sure the snowboarding is sick, but I couldn’t get past the atrocious grainy black and white.


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