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Signal’s Minnesota House – Episode 3

In Episode 3…Jake OE’s birthday, some ice fishing, some buzz catchin, some grillin, and some serious rail boardin. Brought to you by Signal Snowboards. 

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Comments (16)

  1. Minnesota supposed to be cold and half of it looked cold but the snowboarding part seemed warm for real though is it usually hot or cold in minnesota

  2. Ohhh yaaaa don’t cha know we all talk like dis up here in Minnesota. We talk like that as a joke but in real life we actually do sound like that

  3. Beers. Fishings. Ice.
    Nothings gets more metals.

  4. Minneapolis just got 16″ of snow. The place to be.

  5. they actually kinda have canadian accents or do canadians have midwestern accents