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Hyland Laps with Bald E-Gal

South Dakota’s number one filmer, Tyler Hitchcock has teamed up with Bald E-Gal this season and is determined to bring back shaky filming. He says it’s cool, who are we to argue?

Riders: Justin Henigin, Justin Fronius and Clay Hatzenbuhler

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Comments (29)

  1. Bald E-Gal needs to reconsider their new filmer. This was hard to watch

  2. never summer board yea dude board on

  3. filming was terrible. but that ender was probly the coolest trick ive seen all year on a box. but it was still on a box…

  4. I had fun guys. Isn’t that all that matters??

  5. That song was shit. Really, really shit.

  6. ehh i have fun diddling my taint but ya prolly wont see that on here

  7. Eff yeah. I enjoyed that, sick job with the edit Tyler. Those chad bro haters probably two plank anyways. You guys killed it.

  8. Too bad there was an earthquake for the whole duration of filming