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The People’s Court: Spencer Whiting vs. Blake Axelson

Training. You hate it, sponsors love it. These two dudes definitely spend a fair amount of time perfecting their moves. Which one do you think has a better chance at making the olympic team?

Spencer Whiting


Blake Axelson



The People‚Äôs Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

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Comments (40)

  1. Remember when snowboarding used to be cool? Those were the days…

  2. Blake would have gotten my vote because he’s clearly better, but he doesn’t wear 1 piece leather suits while he’s snowboarding. Shaun White it is.

  3. that first guy shouldve left 1:59 out of his vid

  4. I’m bored of seeing one-hit-heaters. I want to see shots where they hit 7 features in a row and destroy them all. Blake did have some cool double grabs though.

  5. Im glad Blake showed us he can shuvit.

  6. both cats are good, Blake a little more so, but because grabbing tindy is always cooler (which these guys clearly dont know) Shaun wins once again.

  7. lol i remember watchin Spencer on New Pollution back in the day hahaha

  8. but yeah, I think Spencer had better tricks, but I liked Blakes high-paced, no-artsy-shots, more urban edit more

  9. This is a case of style over technical tricks. The coaches that made these edits must be real proud. Shaun White is the clear choice here

  10. blake with the ill pop shuv! homie can skate!

  11. It goes to Spencer cause he rolled up in a 2003 Suburban.

  12. these guys are definitely better than me, but i’m gonna bet just as boring to watch.

  13. spencer’s suspender straps bother the shit out of me

  14. Maybe you should learn how to hit a rail before going straight for the dubs. Just a suggestion…

  15. ill just put this line in with the ollie and pop shuvit said the editor..

  16. @Hey Spencer yea bro, kid cant even do a proper frontboard, and i bet he doesnt even smoke cigs or wears a facemask, and why is his stance so wide?

  17. @Hey Spencer yea bro, kid cant even do a proper frontboard, and i bet he doesnt even smoke cigs or wear a facemask, and why is his stance so wide?

  18. Shaun White is underground snowboarding

  19. Check out Blake’s look back 1:01

  20. that kid needs to stop slow moing everything. Cuts all the steez out

  21. Does Blake have a coach?? I think not. He just shred’s better than you. For the love of it.

  22. Blake’s double grab backside spins are the shit.

  23. blacks tricks are all around cleaner. plus he shreds rails just as hard as his jump game

  24. all you small stance tight pant scallywags need to hit a real jump

  25. all you small stance tight pant scallywags need to hit a real jump and stop bitchin about kids who live near resorts with real parks

  26. what if you have small pants and a tight stance

  27. I wish there was a trunkboys option

  28. why are they battling for a pair of goggles if they can do double corks?

  29. Yo if eiher of y’all comepetitors is mad. just try eating a roast beef sandwich and then tell me how you feel. yeah get that au jus sauce too. you gon feel good

  30. blake destroys, and fuck the olympics!

  31. Spencer likes zeaching his own mom and afterbanging the fuck out of himself, i swear to god no lie. blake for the win.

  32. Yeah spencer would probably try out for the olympics i don’t think Blake would.

  33. This must be the place was better

  34. I have dibs on blake’s free arnettes for winning

  35. Both soo sick..Spencer’s got them pipe skillzz but Blake’s just a little more fun to watch.. i find that park kids have dope edits if you take out the urban shit, the filmin jst doesnt really fit in…sorry haha

  36. Frontside rodeo off a rail Ive ever seen. Weird.


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