32 Spot Check: Woodward Boreal

No, Catfish, we don’t think there’s any tricks Brandon Hobush can’t do on a rail. Woah, that was a lot of negatives, but they add up to a positive. We think.

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  1. soft&chewy
    soft&chewy says:

    i usually hate when skatings thrown into a snowboard edit, but this is one of the best videos ive seen in a while. so clean.

  2. bestPARTis....
    bestPARTis.... says:

    best part is neither of them are pro and honestly i think they are better than most pro’s (at rails)

  3. sc00tkrue
    sc00tkrue says:

    these guys dont have any swag they suck at snowboarding why does one wear tight pants and the other wears those stuppid baggy pants thos pants arent fhresh bro and i think that woodward sucks because they dont let my scoot crue skoot in there we could def mcbride flip that foam pizzy. and 42 boots sux i like my lamars way better but they dont match my goggles so i might pick up some burtons -dueces


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