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Jake Durham’s domination continues, and Jesse Paul’s pant have been retired. sadface.


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  1. I’m tired of these damn comments about my pants on Yobeat. There are more important things to worry about.

    I shred, nuff said.

  2. Nice work Durham… I don’t know how I feel about the backflips onto rails or your coment Jesse!

  3. Jake durham actually knows how to use a fisheye… take notes.

  4. 47% of backflips onto rails aren’t actually grinds.

  5. Haha Who says “grind”? Kook

  6. You actually think Jesse Paul posted that comment?

  7. I can be whoever I want on the internet!!!!

  8. @Travis Rice… I am sure he did actually!!! LAMEasFUCK

  9. The epitome of skatestyle boardin…minus the backies

  10. i had a feeling yobeat was ganna focus on Jesse

  11. who is jesse paul, which one was he and why do we care about his pants

  12. that air off the burm at the end… wat

  13. vx4lyfe

  14. boneyballsack you’re clearly missing the point of this edit…

  15. I cant decide if I’m for or against the square aspect ratio.. I guess the ’90s were cool

  16. Jer BOi GuIDON wit dat crispy screen grab

  17. what ever happened to my youtube show?

  18. U all suck at life!

  19. @backflipsontorailsareGAY you are going to feel so dumb when you see his new wftc2 part. backflips onto rails are fine when the kid can do any trick he thinks of on a rail.

  20. @MN if the wftc boys knew what they were doing they would have their movie done by now. No teaser even WTF. I heard they are still shooting for last years video this year…hahahaha LAME! Its really to bad for the riders that put in work since team budgets are done and none of them can get a hook up till next season now. I really don’t care how good Jesse’s part is, it dosn’t change the fact that Flipping onto or off of rails is GAY.

  21. @BackFlipsontoRailsareGAY Maybe you should quit bitching about a trick just because you can’t do it.

  22. Just found out that the WFTC vid will be out the first week of January…hahahaha nice work guys your riders must be stoked!


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