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Occupy Pando December 29th

Throwbacks are the coolest. For more info visit

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Comments (14)

  1. ill be there, will be giving out autographs

  2. The helen keller school for the blind can put together a better park than these guys.

  3. Well UPnorth, I think you are going to mildly surprised by this one then.

  4. I’d go just to rip half pipe. is it in the up or lower region?

  5. These kids have no understanding of how to build a park, so they just copied everyone else’s. Course design looks familiar. Ha!

  6. Isn’t this EXACTLY what Cannonsburg did at the end of the season last year??

  7. How much dick Zeppelin Zeerip suck to have this posted on here?

  8. Come on yobeat lets save the jokes for sites like eBaums world and College humor. If anything throw this into the “Rejected” section.

  9. Yobeat covers Pando but talks shit on Cannonsburg? That makes perfect sense. You guys need to do your research before you post…

  10. @Mike Rotch. That kid is such a douche bag

  11. Pando sucks. Anyone good that rode there is gone to something better and the park is a couple joke. Features are so janky they break all the time and ruin your board by all the screws sticking up and how crappy they are put together. Management are assholes and don’t care about anything or anyone. if you want to go somewhere to sit on the hill and smoke pot with local douche bags this is your place but if you want a real terrain park and real features id suggest looking elsewhere.

  12. Pando Sucks. Zeppelin Zeerip Sucks. Andy Smith sucks more. Burg all day NUKKA

  13. Funny how people talk shit on here and try to act like me when they do it. I didnt think i was that cool that people wanted to be like me. Damn. As for talking shit about park features, feel free to talk trash. but when everyone comes out and rides they will see that you people are wrong. In the past pando may have struggled but times are changing. Everyone hated the burg ’till marc moline took over and made the place sick. Why cant pando become sick if it gets a new park and budgett with a full time park crew. I think that Marc Moline and everyone behind the operations at cannonsburg is doing a hell of a job. Our Goal is to push the progression of the sport in the area no matter where it be located. Everyone talks their trash and says their shit but they still will show up and have a great time. For all you haters that think were trying to copy cannonsburg comp last year, you are wrong. We are using a variety of different influences from films, other events, and comps elsewhere, as cannonsburg’s competition was influenced. With two resorts so close by it keeps a competitive edge between different groups of riders, not to talk trash over though. So if you hate on pando that much than dont come, but to all of you who want to come have a good time with a lot of cool people, we will see you out there. i still cant believe sumone tried to be me. hahahaha.


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