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ASE’s Hyland Hills Opener

We’re pretty glad these dudes survived abortion and learned to shred like this.

Riders: Brandon Larson, Jonas Michilot, Zac Marben, and Jordan Michilot

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Comments (8)

  1. Hyland has more ruts than deer season. Hire some Mexicans and rake that shit bruh.

  2. Sweet crew name brahs, should def. get sponsered

  3. Hopping over kids more than once was funny, so many snakes.

  4. did they film this edit really terribly on purpose?

  5. @molespit the ruts are gonna happen no matter what, unless they close the whole park and run groomers over it, the amount of kids going through the park at peak times means total destruction.

  6. 3rd or 4th time i have heard that song in an edit this year

  7. ^ And so, you really think a first use of a song gets you the rights on it ?


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