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C Sessions 3.3

Carintha parks are the place to be. My god, they even have jumps!

Riders: Zack Wilmot, Brian Skorupski, Marcus Rand, Tarik Blowers, Shaun Murphy, Emma Graham, Jaime Del Pizzo

Filmed/Edit: Dylan Demers

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Comments (19)

  1. Zack Wilmot straight slayed that edit

  2. best of Brighton crew vs. Carinthia all star crew cage match at Bear Mtn. now that would be some noice stuff.

  3. This edit reminded me that most women cant ride like mary rand.

  4. shaun murphys style is definitely one of a kind.

  5. hahaha eric cerra is a bitch, well put chodaboy

  6. @nathan mary rand could have done 5% of the tricks in that edit, get off her dick. girls suck at snowboarding, and so do you

  7. shaun murphy=underrated

  8. Video does no justice to that 5 over the whole hip from Murphy. Was every bit of 8 feet up with massive power. Witnessed from the lift and blew minds.


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