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2013 Union Force: An Actual Review

You want technical specs? We’ll give you technical specs. Of the Union Force, while we’re holding the Cobra Dogs Union Contacts, because “real” reviews are that ridiculous.

Check out the Contacts specs for yourself HERE.

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Comments (41)

  1. Wow yobeat, I would’ve thought you would at least get the name right. Those are the Contacts…

  2. you didnt need tights to be funny 2 years ago…

  3. you didnt need tights to be funn 2 years ago…

  4. Dear Justin,

    You’re an idiot.

  5. @Dear Lord deserves those binders more than you do Justin.

  6. i personally love it. So much spite and whit its fantastic.

  7. why don’t you fix your fucking ratchets huh

  8. And this is one of the most visited snowboarding websites on the internet… Yobeat, do yourself a favor and get this idiot off your website, it might help you guys not look like KOOKS.

    • @snerd, or we could block your comments.

  9. forces, contacts…who gives a fuck?

  10. Read the description under the title idiots…this site is sweet and I personally love the humor. Don’t like it don’t bitch go find a new site haters

  11. hahaha good shit

  12. God Damn Yes.

  13. its not that we hated toeside terrors, well yeah we did. but really we just hate justin. fire him #asap

  14. anybody ever wiki “snowboard?” can we make fun of this hideous outfit zeach?

  15. more young mountain baby i know you wanna

  16. hahahaha. damn justin’s so tech he might just become a rep now.


  18. Justin is the man. Quit hatin.

  19. i can’t tell if this is ironic enough for me to like it. i mean i guess it’s ok.

  20. were people really up before 7:00 commenting on this?

    but really pestering YoBeat for a product review? that’s like cross country skiing…


  22. I gotta give it up to these bindings. Good fit, lighter than Burtons for the same price and good edge control. Oh and they mos def fixed the ratchets, they work and haven’t broke yet. For under $200 you can’t go wrong with these. I just wonder how they can afford to pay all their riders when Capita doesn’t seem to pay Burnso enough since he lives in a caravan…Just sayin.

  23. if we really want to get technical they aren’t contacts either, only the baseplate. I like Justin though so fuck the haters

  24. @Bordman: YES! There is only one timezone!

  25. Can you post an edit of you riding these and reviewing them as you felt they were? (Bring back toeside terrors!)

  26. justin looks like he needs less heroin/meth and more sun. Oregon is taking a toll on him.

  27. Oh hey, I’m late to the party, but I liked the review except for the fact Intern (Don’t know real name or new title) had to read the info off Union’s website. Prepare next time fool.

  28. Justin is on a whole other level. So damn smart.

  29. I only clicked this because it looked like scott stevens doing the review. Needless to say I stopped the video pretty fast.

  30. Awesome. Justin – eff the haters, keep up the good work! I liked when you started eating the bindings.

  31. Reviews game Jody Highroller