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A ThirtyTwo x DGK Snowboard: Winner Announced!

Snowboarding is full of dirty ghetto kids, so it’s fitting that ThirtyTwo would collab with DGK and make a run of snowboards. Even Stevie Williams is excited!

“I’m hyped to be doing this collab with Thirtytwo. I just went snowboarding recently and it was cool to be able to represent DGK out there on the mountain. This signature line allows all of the DGK fans worldwide to swag it out on the slopes. The fit, the design, and colors all came out dope and I think that people are really going to be feeling it.”

THIS CONTEST IS OVER! Apparently some of you have ESP, so instead of giving away one board, we’re giving away 5, to the people who guessed next year’s 32 collab — It’s Crab Grab x 32, and we’re also giving points for those who said Lib Tech, as they’re making the boards. So the leavers of the following comments should check their email:

Comment # 38 — Yo

Comment #54 — Mike T

Comment # 135 — Boardless 🙁

Comment # 221 — Rico

Comment # 317 — Austin Davis

Thanks to everyone who entered!

This giveaway is kindly brought to you by ThirtyTwo. Like them on Facebook, brands love that shit.

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Comments (448)

  1. I think thirty two should collab with trojan and make some sick dong bags

  2. 32 x Stepchild / dope industries

  3. 32 x Anti-Hero… and then do a Cardiel tribute board!

  4. Thirty Two X Pabst Blue Ribbon would be pretty dope

  5. Thirty two and Lobster Snowboards

  6. thirtytwo x union.

    You could call it the “thirtytunion”

  7. 32 should just buy out hostess and start filling their boot liners with that spongy shit that twinkies are made out of.

  8. 32 x drink water. Give some of your profits to charity as well.

  9. P.s fix the forum Jerm!!! its all i do at school

  10. ThirtyTwo x Riff Raff

  11. 32×32 fuck collabs have you seen the 32xdgk outerwear its almost sega looking

  12. 32 and professional wrestling Could team up and send frank April to the major leagues so he could take down that pussy John cena

  13. thirtytwo x Cariboo brewing

  14. 32 x Life cereal. P.S. I hate when people try and pour my cereal for me… They don’t know the amount of milk I like. They don’t know how much cereal I want, They don’t know me, They don’t know my life. They don’t know what I’ve fucking been through.

  15. ThirtyTwo x Raw Rolling Papers

  16. 32 x Visvim. Then sell it for a few thousand.

  17. Thirtytwo X Holden -stay classy

  18. 32 x Blu (the artist

  19. thirtytwo x pabst blue ribbon

  20. 32xFREEBAND

  21. Thirty Two x Crooks and Castles that would be sick

  22. Thirty two x odd future…..that would be gnarrrrrleeeyyyyyy or 32 x baker but that would never happen…just something suprr raw

  23. Thirtytwo and gnarly collab boot

  24. THIRTYTWOxCharlieSheen, call it the ThirtyTwo Crack Addict

  25. thirtytwo x KLAPKI KUBOTA (best footwear ever)

  26. ThirtyTwo collab with baker skateboards

    lets gooooooo

  27. thirtytwo x augustiner bräu

  28. thirty two x obey,thirty two x diamond supply, thirty two x 10 deep..those would all be dooope

  29. I’d love to see a colab between the radest numbers in the game: 32 and 7/9/13.

  30. 32 x Powell Peralta
    stevie cab pro model

  31. 32 x Ashbury. Except Vans already did that.

  32. I’d say Trojan, but what only pussies wear condoms. So how about Mc Donald’s, a 32oz burger consisting of pure cow asshole. Sounds yummy to me! Mhhh, greasy.

  33. 32 x shaggy2dope and violentJ. I would be so down to ride something with hatchet graphics

  34. thirty two and apple for the win. iphonesnowboards

  35. 32 X redbull, the possibilities are endless

  36. I would love to see Thirty Two collaborate with Altamont.

  37. 32x drink water would be legit

  38. SOREL for sure – make functional boots that look like Ranquet & Roach’s from back in the day

  39. Thirtytwo and airblaster (those old forces were the best)

  40. 32 x Zoarse…. All proceeds go to bringing the zebra hoarse back to bear

  41. 32 x vagisil , and donate the money to stanky poon

  42. 32 x some sandals company, could you imagine a pair of flip-flops or something like Keens with a straight up STI Evolution Foam snowboarding boot sole with strategically placed rubber for durability? lol Just an idea…,

  43. Thirty Two and Never Summer Ind.

  44. 32 x arnette or lick the cat

  45. ThirtyTwo X NIKE …. Yea I said it

  46. ThirtyTwo x LRG would be dope!!!!

  47. 32 x K2 / Stepchild + ‘merica – Jobs / Will Ferrell

  48. 32 x coal

  49. THIRTYTWO x Now Bindings x Yes Snowboards…

  50. Thirtytwo x Cats Of Anarchy

  51. 32 x ROYAL BLUNTS

  52. Thirty Two and Never Summer

  53. ThirtyTwo x Dang Or Thirty Two x Girl!

  54. ThirtyTwo x Christmas Stokings

  55. 32 X Step child

  56. ThirtyTwo x Christmas Stockings

  57. Correction,

    ThirtyTwo x Mishka!

  58. 32x olde english

  59. 32 x drink water and cobra dogs

  60. 32 x drink water and cobra dogs

  61. 32 x lurk hard

    sactown reppin, skate and destroy.

  62. Lowcard

  63. 32 x 686 = 127473idon’tcare

  64. Thirtytwo & slayer

  65. Thirtytwo x slayer

  66. thirtytwo x krooked

  67. Thirtytwo x family guy

  68. 32 x partysnake

  69. thirty two and SHAKE JUNT collab boots

  70. 32 and anything coming out of the mervin plant

  71. 32 x 686 = 69

  72. my vote goes to……32 x JNEPNATION!!!!!!!!!!!! #fuckmitt

  73. 32 x LRG x Gucci Mane. BRRRRRRRRR

  74. ThirtyTwo should collaborate with our shop because that would be pretty rad.

  75. Thirtytwo and earth (the planet)

  76. thirty two n Magic Hat !!!!!

  77. 32 x airblaster

  78. Thirty two + Smokin Snowboards = me blazing down the face 😉

    8===D- – – – 0^: <Burton


  80. 32 x Some local or underground brand no one has ever heard of except the cool kids and jerm.

  81. 32 and 4loco

  82. thirtytwo x keep the change

  83. 32 x Kr3w, they could make some sick outerwear and maybe a denim themed boot.


  85. 32 x 9/11

  86. 32 and george michael. both are gay.

  87. thirtytwo x yolo x duckface swagggg

  88. 32 colab with jslv jus liv

  89. 32 collaboration with Doctor Who would be so dope.
    I would rep a pair of boots with the Tardis on it.

  90. 32 x DGK x Charmin Ultra Toilet Paper. Call it “dirty poo” instead of “dirty two”.

  91. 32 & shit didn’t get on here soon enough

  92. 32 and apple. that shit would be so damn hip

  93. 32 x LRG (Chris Grenier & Gucci mane)

  94. 32 x Stone cold ET, or Philadelphia cream cheese

  95. “THIRTY TWO x YOUNG MONEY”……………Young Mula Baaaaby!

  96. 32 x Suzuki factory racing (motoGP)

  97. If 32 and LibTech collabed, oh man. Never would buy another brand again.

  98. ThirtyTwo x Nike Snowboarding

  99. 32 x YOLO

  100. 32 x CITY STARS! (The real DGK)

  101. Thirty-two capita boot merchant of death!!!

  102. Thirty-Two x girl skateboards. o.O!

  103. ThirtyTwo and Uhh Yeah Dude

  104. 32 x save a breast
    32 x houseof1817
    32 x ass industries

  105. 32 X Skrillex
    32 X Dubstep
    32 X Flosstradamus
    32 X MadDecent
    You get the idea.

  106. 32 X Mr. Allens
    32 or two fo’ fifty

  107. thirtytwo x wiz khalifa
    I feel like since lrg sponsored gucci mane they should do a collab with some super cool stoner/rappers who can hook them up with that herb while they get them some sick clothes. DO IT

  108. 32 X RAW papers

    because im too high to spell “cooler” ^^

  109. 32 x Victorias secret x Baker

  110. thirtytwo x i really dont give a fuck i just want free stuff

  111. thirty two X texas instruments.

  112. 32 x DVS They could make a skate shoe, DVS is all about colabs

  113. 32 x DEATHWISH

  114. 32+pornhub

  115. thirtytwo x thirtytwo cuz thirty two is the shit
    that or thirtytwo x bataleon

  116. 32 x cobra dogs. They could make a dirty dogs menu

  117. Mont, Thirtytwo already did an ashbury colab last year… I have the boots. The nima jalali prions

  118. 32 x Strap’d up/ 32 x Nicki Minaj

  119. 32xyobeat

  120. thirtytwo x instagram
    so you could upload them siick action shots right from the boots yo!!!!!

  121. thirtyTwo and Mac, make some sick lookin laptops

  122. ThirtyTwo and Wu Tang

  123. ThirtyTwo x Victoria’s Secret, ‘cus nobody cares how dudes look, make shit for dem hoes yo. #MountainAngels

  124. 32 x bum fight krew

  125. 32 x House of 1817 x Smokin Snowboards x Switch Back with everything “Made in America” helping “Feeding America”

  126. Thirty two X My mommy, cause shes nice

  127. 32 x DGK is the best that ever happend:) When i am skating i use DGK ALL DAY When i go to the mountens in norway i roc 32.
    But 32 x Diamond supply had been fresh:)

  128. 32 x The Collective Clothing Co.

  129. ThirtyTwo x Signal. New ETT would be epic!

  130. ThirtyTwo should make a R.I.P. FORUM snowboard.

  131. ThirtyTwo x Spedelli’s Pizza. Get one done for Bode!

  132. Vans and 32. Snowboard boots that look like classic vans skate shoes with the waffel sole.

  133. thirtytwo X Inception, Boots in Boots in Boots…. in boots


  135. Thirtytwo x Crabgrab

  136. Thirtytwo x Union would be cool! Thirtytwo boots and union bindnings fit perfect, imagine matching colors, booom!

  137. Signal should make a collab board requiring no bindings with thirtytwo boots built in

  138. need some of this in my life bad!!!

  139. i ride a skate banana :(!!!!!!!

  140. 32 x Alva Skateboards. Do a Christian Hosoi tribute because he is a legend.

  141. 32 x ziz zag rolling papers