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Seven Springs Opener

They say if you want to get serious about snowboarding, you have to move west. Who knew they were talking about the westside of Pennsylvania?

Riding from Cooper Thomas, Kevin Kobasa, Jordan Soohy, Wythe Woods, AJ Railing, Clint Cooper, Josh Zerkel and Mike Zandron

Filmed/Edited by Ian Macy

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Comments (12)

  1. Ian fucking kills every edit he makes!

  2. anybody else see the army flying big ass airplanes over the place friday.

  3. the mother fucker told me he wasnt gonna eat his tongue and he ate his tongue

  4. #WVUsnowboarding coming through big on this one

  5. so do they have to tear down the forum streets now?

  6. damn that was really sick

  7. those hand drag layback shits are getting real old real fast


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