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Brighton- Episode 001

The first of many by Connor Brown.  Brighton is firing.  Featuring Jesse Gouveia, Andrew Aldridge, Shane Wright, Alex Cato, Stephen Konkler, Blake Payne, and Jordan Morse.


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Comments (40)

  1. Jesse gets greasier by the second

  2. Such a good looking crew

  3. aw yiss

  4. Never heard this song in an edit before.

  5. thi$ was dang good. i got hyped4zre

  6. that flippy kid should have gotten ender

  7. Brown must be implying that at least 100 episodes will be made.

  8. that girl stephanie konkler has short hAIR

  9. more natural hits please. fuck that was tight.

  10. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeaaaaaah

  11. Ben Straus grinds the denim off my pants on the dance floor

  12. there could be 999 videos

  13. I wish I could jib a knee high rock…

  14. did we just watch robots snowboarding? style is overrated these days

  15. Just kidding, I actually ski. And as every one knows my people can’t even really Ollie, we just kind of hop around in huge clothing.

  16. hai guys remember when i did a back 3 stale in every edit

  17. da realness, deez guys dont fake no moves

  18. go by yourselves some skateboards and eat concrete like men… and close your dam jackets!

  19. beautiful ballerina maneuvers tho! good job boys

  20. shane wright you are the fucking man


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