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Bode’s B-Roll

From the desk of Bode Merrill:

Here’s an edit I made with shots that didn’t make it into the Absinthe or Videograss movies. It’s probably the worst edit you’ll see all year. oh yeah, and I used a blink 182 song!


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  • Debaser

    this is just about tops last weeks terrible tuesday

  • Kendra Wilson

    Powdersurfer shot! yeah.

  • Shibby shib

    1:02 “i’m flailing now”

    Well done.

  • Scummit

    So sick bode!

  • dirkmcgurk

    alot of that wouldve made his normal parts alot better

  • boarder

    i hope that one day i could call a video like this my b-roll.

  • wumbo

    The song truly compliments the video

  • gSchneebs

    This is great

  • poopdick

    that kickflip was unreal

  • Z@@

    holy fucking kick flip

  • dick ponchoj

    some next level back country tranny finding

  • fix your fucking forum

    that was tight

  • tittysprinkles

    I think it was probably the song, but I literally just finished watching lame, then I watched this and I felt like I was watching the same movie. It made it even sicker.

  • al gore

    gay, except for the song! the tricks were the worst part