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First Snow in Colorado

Colorado mountains have been open for awhile, but that snow is thanks to snow guns. Fact is, they’ve only gotten one real storm, so this footage is what we call a snow dance.

Featuring: Kit Hendrickson, Jack Kyle, Michael Wick, Mike Goodwin and Hunter Wood.

Edited By: Brendan Barry

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Comments (11)

  1. was cool til shirtless dude, then it was cool after.

  2. magic mike goodwin

  3. Colorado urban is pathetic. Hunty wood? Boss.

  4. Half the Urban Shots in every major movie that came out this year were from CO dumb ass

  5. Getting tech on generator boxes is so hot right now

  6. Respect for goin out and getting it while the snow was on the ground but in all actuality this shit was pretty weak

  7. @ThePunisher: There is like 3 cm of snow on the ground, what the hell were you expecting a crispy video part full of hammers? Take your finger outta your vagina and go snowboarding.

  8. Everyone with aunti is tight and the snow in Boulder was there for like half a day so great job guys!


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