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Mission Ridge Opener

Who knew there was a mountain on the East side of the Cascades? Apparently, the Tranny Finders and they went there, opening weekend!

Riders: Ben Maki, Matt Penny, Chris Cloud, and Riley Goodwin

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  • Cobra_Dawg

    This is a pretty cool edit…

  • Everyone

    Thank god Dylan Trewin wasn’t there. That kid sucks.

  • ha gay

    yeah dylan trewin is such a fuckbag

  • Schleg! likes Montana

    Up the punx

  • Keith Morris

    Seems people are putting more and more punk rock in edits keep snowboarding raw

  • weinerhouse

    such dank lyfeys in there bro

  • superstar

    that was good.

  • bigboy

    dang that chubby guy can board

  • Cato

    I like all of you a lot you know

  • ice coast

    more maki

  • Riley

    Im might be a huge asshole. But damn I’m spicey

  • #

    I kind of like dylan trewin sometimes…

  • SS

    Buncha Jacob Krugmire wannabes

  • PileS

    goddamn buncha fuck boyz