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ThirtyTwo Shreds and Destroys Bear (Again)

Early Season Bear Mountain with Dylan Alito. Appearances from Johnny Lazz and Jordan Small!

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  • http://tronfuckinblow still high tho..

    every volcom rider has volcom style its fucks its science

  • suprised viewer

    did he just cork off a knuckle…?


    Dub corks off knuckles or nothing my friends…

  • IC-hooligan

    Lazz kills it

  • sloth

    if i’m not mistaken, that knuckle maneuver is a little something people used to call a misty flip….. that is, back before everyone who did them past away. now simply referred to as an Alito contortion.

  • yobiz

    super sick edit…to bad I had to mute it

  • Cobra_Dawg

    These are hammers. Thirtytwo should make him pro already.

  • basshole

    last 2 tricks were butters

  • poop balls