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Six Trick Fix from Killington

We know Catfish Chronicles post this yesterday, ok. However, we’re posting it now cause it’s six radical maneuvers at the old stomping grounds.

Riders: Brett Stewart, Justin Brzostowski, Tory Van Thompson, and Ezra Racine.

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Comments (13)

  1. Just checkin out all kinds of trippppy visuals

  2. that ezra. real snazzy on the snowboards.

  3. Last trick was cool I guess. Rest were weak. Swing tampons get money.

  4. pretty sick, everything was super clean

  5. sick tricks, and straight to the point. fuck yeah dudes

  6. Dark beat, overcast, and some great snowboarding.

  7. i hate posers more then running out of cigs, can i bum one by the way

  8. that was sick keep it comin!


  10. Over editted for a 6 tricks but rad


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