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Cody Shepherd FULL PART

Voleurz makes some of the neatest videos, but you probably don’t watch them cause they insist on including a bunch of fruit booters. BUT Cody Sheperd had a full part in the latest Voleurz flick “Kill Your Boredom” and he boards well.

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Comments (16)

  1. hey admin
    what are you 13? grow a pair and realize no one gives a shit about skiers vs snowboarders
    oh and saga advertisements on the site?

  2. ^^probably a skier

  3. yep ratchet pusssy u gay fucking skiers

  4. Why the fuck isn’t White Noise up?

  5. you stole my song from ride the sky asshole!

  6. Ratchet pussy this is yobeat. I agree with you, but before you come to this website you need to pretend you’re no older than 15 otherwise all the hate on here will really get to you.

  7. who said anything about skiing vs snowboarding

  8. saw this kid at brighton hiking…. not a lapper

  9. @brighton lapper – cody lives full time in whistler, hes never been to brighton….

  10. its a fact we all have to face. skiers wear saga

  11. All these comments are me talking to myself to hype up my video

  12. This is pretty tight, its good to see a snowboarder willing to go out into the streets and throw down like all those skiers over a Stept Productions. What the Stept Crew does is next level and i think snowboarding should really go down a similar path. Get off the slopes and hit the streets, let all those damn two plankers ski at the resorts.

    • Yeah man, it’s such a shame that snowboarding in the streets never caught on in snowboarding… said no one ever.

      C’mon, skiers only started riding rails because snowboarders were doing it and that’s simply a fact.