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Terrible Tuesdays: Slow-Mo

This weeks Terrible Tuesdays gets the dramatic shot at Park City. Featuring Spencer Schubert, Alex Rodway, Alex Sherman, Blaze Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Jordan Morse, Scott Stevens, and Bode Merrill.

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  • Midwest Murder

    Well..That was epic as fuck.

    more rails and tweakers would have been sick.

  • FilmerD

    FS700 looks bangin!

  • The Catfish

    Purp got me slow-mo

  • dlowk

    holla at big jerm 2:29

  • hmmm.

    pat loving his FS700.

  • Stiffmyster

    needs more cumshots

  • stankdank

    I thought that was gonna suck but I enjoyed the fuck out of it.

  • Mr. Bubbles

    hot fiyahh!

  • niggerlover

    wizard boy’s switch back one was the dope tits

  • randy mathews

    about time theres a park city edit I probably see about 100 grand in cameras there everyday

  • Cobra_Dawg

    This is crazy. What’s up with that one air where he has an intentional wardrobe malfunction? Hilarious.

  • Brendan

    high as hell, high as hell.

  • CanaBUDdy

    Half way through I realised that this was WAY better being baked as crisp apple pie. That was purely epic