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Mobbin’s Failure to Launch v. 3

Following our little social media experiment, Mobbin’ was deemed the Colorado crew you most want to see on Yobeat (other than Flippin’ Bird) and we’re a site of our word. Luckily, the riding in their latest effort pretty damn sick, too.

Riders in Order: Breck: Kai Wiggins, Quinton Jones, Blake Axelson, Grant Giller
Keystone: Grant Giller, Blake Axelson

Cameos: Berto, Brendan Barry, Michael Wick

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Comments (11)

  1. 47% of snowboarders don’t actually snowboard.

  2. back 3 out was heavy, that flat up flat up donkydick rail is fucking gnar, props

  3. I sort of feel bad for Grant Giller. Every trick he does just doesn’t seem to count because of his god awful style…


    i think that if Berto is going to be in an edit it is mandatory we watch him (in the edit) take off his shirt and try to fight an old dad skier.

  5. that opener is the funniest thing i have ever seen hahahaha

  6. @emma earl you better watch your talk about jumps in these parts. might get beat up for disrespecting rails

  7. Hell ya! Whats up Birdo !


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