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Ambition Snowskates: Safari Time

Man, remember when snowskates were cool? Ya, maybe that’s a stretch but i sure can’t ride one. The way i look at it, snowskaters are to snowboarders today as snowboarders were to skiers in the 90’s. JP walker had a pro model back in the day and it’s only a matter of time before Jed Anderson’s pro-model snowskate drops. Straight up, these kids get gnarley.

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  • dick poncho

    i spy a zeach

  • Turkey

    Double Airwalk

  • jerm

    double rock drop was sick.

  • swedishphish

    where the fuck was there that much snow last year?

  • Midwest Murder

    I’m excited for skateboards with bindings.

  • dlowk


  • Rick

    I’m not much of a snowskate fan, and I wanted to hate really bad on this video….But it was damn impressive….I will shake my head at why you would ever waste a trip to hood during the summer on snowskating

  • TStrex

    anyone else take in that footplant @ 4:43 ?

  • GoddamitRicky

    If you could pole jam to back lip like that on a snow skate, you would do it too.

  • skilmer

    this was honestly pretty sick

  • Tyler Jeavaney

    I feel like seb toots filmed at the spot in 11: 40

  • Cobra_Dawg

    This is so sick…I won’t make fun of my snowskater friends anymore.

  • cheech

    can they skate this good too?

  • Malibu

    I saw a guy at Keystone attempting to do this. He was not very good.

  • upstatemike.

    no. just, no.

  • SwagOnnaHundred

    keep it gangsta

  • ADKpete

    Whatever yobeat. This was sweet

  • weinerhouse

    every year these guys make a video, every year I’m pretty impressed, yet every year it gains absolutely no popularity

  • Ralph

    Snow skatings dead Nick Stefani

  • poop balls

    that was so dope

  • chimichanga

    this is shweeeeeeeeet

  • randy mathews

    that last dude was gnarly tho

  • fingaz

    that front board through the kink was legit no matter if u snowboard or skate respect