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Signal’s Minnesota House- Episode 2

In this episode…The house visits SIA in Denver and Yusaku arrives in Minnesota.

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Comments (22)

  1. my mom party’s with these guys

  2. Fuck the house of 1817 and all the Halloween bullshit. It’s Christmas time! And fuck you u TStrex, your dad was being passed around like a slut on colfax.

  3. Fuck, this was all last year. There isn’t shit for ice on Lake Superior yet.

  4. Jesus Chode, you already got your flagged comment, now shut the fuck up.

  5. Soundtrack was saved by the Descendents

  6. These videos are so much fun to watch keep them coming!

  7. Fuck you chode, I’m almost positive your That fucker KC Kyle, but I can’t be sure yet, so watch your back, cuz fucking two dicks KINGDOLPHIN is watching. 😉

  8. Im twelv years old and what is this?

  9. @KINGDOLPHIN your a fuck face, i aint doing that chode shit

  10. you went to the trade show, you skated some miniramp, and you shredded one side hit for an hour. now you’re like every other snowbro ever. i hope there’s some actual content soon cuz so far these signal house edits have been gayer than aids…

  11. Hey this is Jimmy John, a talent cordnator from MTV and I was wondering if 1817 would be intrested in a TV series? I see great potential

  12. if this music is supposed to be a joke, then pick more joke-ey music

  13. The only time Wilds regulare park has ever looked fun

  14. King Dolphin I ain’t no KC Kyle faggot, I’m Chode mothufucka.

  15. anyone with a consistent name for commenting on yobeat is a faggot so all of you shut the fuck up and get a life

  16. ^^Or some people dont give no fucks and dont bother to change their name they last used

  17. I feel like I’ve seen this episode a thousand times, but with different riders. Put something fresh together. Who’s editing? Dunken?


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