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The rest of this movie might totally blow, but the intro is all time.

Featuring Drew Eflin, Micah Hoogeveen, Dave King, Everest Arnold, Kyle Harmon, Chris Frost, Tyler Morton, and Mark Rainery.

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Comments (13)

  1. Weakest party footage ever, blackout or dont film it.

  2. too bad there weren’t any double backflips

  3. Who knew you could get drunk off 3% beer

  4. its 3.2% beer, dawg. that extra 0.2% is what turns frail party footage into weak party footage

  5. That was a sick ass video. Good job dudes!

  6. since when is the jackalope a gay bar?

  7. I wonder if their moms and dads got sick of paying for their miller high life tabs

  8. fast forward to 11:47 stop at 14:12
    nothing else is very important

  9. the only thing this video made me do is stop watching it to go watch trailer park boys

  10. im not gonna lie i watched the first guys part and called it quits

  11. oh and i dont like trailer park boys now

  12. Good day, Fantastic site, in which did you arrive up from the details in this summation? Im glad I observed it though, I am going to be checking back soon to see what other content articles you have.


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