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Mt Baker Opening Day 2012!

For most of you, Mt. Baker is either a place you know or a place you know of. I grew up in Massachusetts riding mostly icy slopes and semi-flat tree runs. Any perspective outside of that was limited to either the imagery of mystical places in magazines and videos or the amount of snow in our backyards.

In sharing my love for snowboarding with you, I suggest that you don’t ride there at all. Besides the fact that they get more annual snowfall than most other ski areas, the visibility is horrible, it’s humid, the snow is heavy, and there are no on site lodging options.

When the snow starts falling, people begin shuffling out from their hiding spaces, filling highway 542 in a frantic pace to get to the mountain. The hordes of snow hungry humans reach the chairlifts to begin their seasonal hunt. Fighting my way into line I reached temporary safety and began my ascent into the storm.

Let the snow continue to fall as we fill ourselves to the brim. Happy shredding and happy holidays!

Dylan Hart

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Comments (11)

  1. holy self promotion. before and after website drop?? dylan is a kook. another dime a dozen dude with a camera. opening day was sick on the other hand.

  2. Cool song bro. Really gets me hyped to go cut on myself.

  3. Shuster you are an idiot. Its not just a camera its the operator, the talent in front of the lens etc. Yeah maybe you’re published or whatever but quit hating and just ride the mountain. Otherwise why don’t you put together an edit and promote whatever talent you supposedly have. I bet you’ve got a degree in douchebagology.

  4. This is the best opening video I’ve seen yet. All those other resorts in cali and Utah are nothing but some wack boxes and park rails. Most snow in North America at the moment all thanks to mother nature not some stupid snow gun.

  5. ^this guy obviously wasnt at brighton for opening day

  6. funny thing about the music…those canadians gave us their cd in the parking lot! 🙂 awesome opening day!!

  7. ahhhh… yeah that was really wack..dylan hart u are a joke..

  8. All these NW shreds need to get laid and quit hating. So what if there wasn’t any crazy bangers, All I know is that it was a good opening day and props to anyone willing to stop snowboarding to document it. That board hoarding skit was stupid FUNNER FILMS.

  9. classic jungle- nice

  10. I’m cool with all flip-phoners.
    Couldn’t make it because I had to work. Last day at work, though, so I’ll be around. Flip-phonin.


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