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Nine-Year-Old Justin Phipps Crashes!

What’s better than a crash reel? A crash reel composed entirely of a 9 year old.

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (15)

  1. little rascal cant even take the trash out for me

  2. how many brain cells will be left by age 10?

  3. Thats what you get when you fall in love.

  4. Parents these days, I am so glad I am not a 9 year old living in Summit County.

  5. spirit fingers at 00:27 hahaha


  7. Little kids are straight up made out of rubber

  8. saw this boy up at steamboat springs ripping the jumps. kid kills it.

  9. This kid will be some boarder when he’s older! Keep it up mate.

  10. I remember my first fall…. i quit the next day…

  11. I used to see this kid at Breck all the time. Super nice kid.

  12. All I keep thinking is BOOM! HEADSHOT!


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