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Mountain High Opening Weekend

Mountain High posted a very early opening in 2012 on Sunday November 18th and team riders, Cory Cronk, Kyle Lopiccolo, Harrison Gordon and Trever Haas were there to handle business along with local Jordan Gibson, and friends Christian Sparks and Brian Neito. The season is underway in SoCal.

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  • Zach

    That looks super fun…

  • minnesotanice

    needs more Jordan Gibson!

  • on a real note

    hell yah brian

  • Mateo

    Not impressed. Nothin special

  • LA

    yeaaa nietoR!

  • Harrison Gordon

    what am I doing here

  • snatch

    the only place where the people still think swiveling is cool

  • oralanal

    God, I fucking hate that place.

  • randy

    jesus buy a fuckin steady cam

  • Reginald J. Teatime III

    briannnnnnn. shred it yo

  • mtpow


  • BooYAkAsha

    t hass and cory cronk suck fat dilt

  • sherlock holmes

    mount high looks like it sucks mad d