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Meet: Miggs

Love them or hate them, the Gremlinz are jus’ livin the dream e’ryday, and along for the ride is Kyle “Miggs” Miglorie. You probably know him as the “fat kid” and have possibly asked yourself, what does he actually do? Lucky for you, we like to get to the bottom of things here at Yobeat, so here’s his real deal.

So you are referred to as the “Fat Kid” that runs with the Gremlins. What do you think about that one?

That shit don’t bother me at all. I think it’s funny how people can watch a whole Soup Kitchen and can’t find anything else to comment about but what I’m doin. A haters gonna hate so I don’t trip on what these lil youtube punks have to say.

What’s your backstory? How do you know the gang?

Well I’m 21, born in Rutland, VT. Was never really in to snowboarding or skateboarding at all. Then my freshman year of high school I met Tyler (Lynch) and we linked up. Then Tyler linked me up wit Zach, Matt, Korey, Ryan, Peter and the rest the pack. We all became real tight homies, always kickin’ it at my house smokin’ weed together. Then everyone headed west after they graduated and I stayed back to finish my senior year. The next year I headed out to be with the family and continue to pop Gremlinz off, and we have been, so I’m hyped.

The Miggs GBP Pro Model is coming.

I have heard you don’t board much are you reminiscent of a hype man? Can we say you are the Flava Flav to Niko’s Chuck D?

Yeaah… I guess you could say that. Hahaha shit if that’s the case ill have my own show on MTV wit a house full of bitches in no time.

You are all from Vermont, which is very far from any “Urban” development yet it seems the Gremlinz have embraced “Urban” culture and its dialect. Can you explain this?

We embrace a lot of things as a group, But yeaah we do embrace the “Urban” style a lot. It’s not jus’ the “Urban” style though, its a combination of everything ill, it’s our own style. Plus we jus’ keep it gutta anyway.

Miggs gets a visit from brown santa.

I asked Niko this too but tell me a really good story about partying or “jacking off a fool”… did I say that last one correctly?

My 21st birthday jus’ went off this August in Reno at the Wild Orchid, one of the strip clubs down there. We shut that shit down rollin’ 30 deep, I ended up in the Champagne Room wit the black stripper. It was poppin’ we stayed till they turned the lights on. Then dipped wit the strippers and kept it rollin’. We were all faded, definitely was a proper birthday.

What is it you consider the Gremilinz to be?

Gremlinz is my family, and a Movement, an were gonna keep doin’ what we do. So check for the new Soup kitchens an be on the look out for the new Gremlinz Bus.

Another Gremlinz perk: This portrait by Tyler Lynch exists.

In the grand scheme of things where do you see life taking you?

It’s gonna take me whereever the the Gremlinz Bus goes and real soon you can catch me in Sababa Land wit all my gremlin family.

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  1. @DUMB1, I aint hatin on miggs. Dave is a fuckin kook, a douche bag, and a pussy. Isnt CAKED a t-shirt company now? hahahahaha.

    hey STAY POSSITIVE, get yo teeeth fixed!

  2. dave fuck your girl or something….is that why your on one right now.

  3. Hahahahaha that rap video is for real?

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