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Corrugated 4 Lyfe

A few days ago, we received a submission from former Stumped dude Justin Foley, who left the STUMPED crew to do his own thing. With the release of Stumped’s first edit of the season, what better way to herald in his new crew than with a collab post. Here’s the latest from Stumped, who’ve apparently replaced Justin with Brendan Rego:

And here’s Justin’s new project “-Shadows- with its preseason effort:

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Comments (31)

  1. dat nigga lex luger

    on another note:
    WHY THE FUCK would you allow autoplaying video ads on a site i only visit to watch edits? i’m so fucking sick of having to wait for blake griffin talk about whateverthefuck before starting a damn tube edit. get your shit together.

  2. the shadows kids weren’t even good

  3. HAHAHAHAHaaaaaaaaa.

    first comment. fuckin cracking up.

  4. Cole Navin and Bar Dadon. Nuff said.

  5. so i just watched two videos of 12 year old kids jumping around and spinning on corrugated tubes…
    to add to it, they put it to hard-ass rap music to make them seem thug. I want my click back.

  6. lmfao @ spinaroo and arm dance at 2:36 on the second video. fuck out hea!

  7. is brendon rego gonna have a full part in the stumped movie this year?! and should i send my footage in to kotex?

  8. What would be sick is to see him have a full part in the next keep the change video. Honestly, he is a significant amount better than the other stumped guys. They’re good too though.

  9. This edit rules. Cole navin very impressive

  10. 2nd video was half as good for twice as long. first one was bangers

  11. ^ It’s a joke rego is not in stumped.

  12. lauren longfield wants to blow all of the ktc guys

  13. woah cool actual rego and fake rego in one video

  14. ^^^Fuck you, BarD is HOT FIRE. Stumped is heavy as FUCK.

  15. its a hardnot lyfe without that Xtream…

  16. just to clear things up justin foley was told by eli olson and cole that he could not film for stumped because they wanted there edits to be more “professional” so don’t hate on shadows there just trying to have fun and snowboard.

    ps justin will have an extreme later this winter

  17. ^^^You guys are some professional faggots who care too much about this bullshit. hahah who the fuck would kick someone out of their crew of friends over some shit like that? that’s really fucking lame if thats true lol

  18. I love all of you guys. I’m sorry I was brought into this. Justin, Cole, Eli, Travis, all you guys rule.

  19. Hey guys, again -Shadows- isn’t trying to compete with Stumped (or anyone else for that matter). We are just trying to go out and have fun riding, and make some videos in the process. So rather than hating I think everybody should just ride and do their own thing, cuz snowboarding isn’t about who can make the most “professional” edit, to me at least.

  20. Eli got a job at HCSC now he thinks he’s legit hmmmm I don’t think so NERD

  21. Yobeat sucks so bad now. What happened?

  22. I want to see a yawgoons preseason edit, cmon dr. b!

  23. great edits to both crews but on the real DANK SNOW 4 LYFE shout out ray morse cole navin dustin cruz wussssup


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