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ThirtyTwo Remapped

ThirtyTwo reedited some footage and they’re making it fun! First person to guess all the people in this edit will win a 32 x DGK snowboard. One guess per person so make it count and don’t spam guesses. We have the right to disqualify anyone. Good Luck! Post your guesses at:

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Comments (7)

  1. i feel like iv seen alot of this last year…

  2. and if i had just looked up at the description i guess id look less like a dumb ass

  3. Call the fire department! My computer is on fire!

  4. Bradshaw – Hobush reedit… and I’m okay with that

  5. My favorite two parts of this is when the filmer assisted with some grabbage.

  6. Danny Alito, Chris Bradshaw, T. Flanagan, Kooley, Schubert, Brewster, Hobush, Stevens, Sexton, Grenier, Bilocq, Kuzyk, Beresford, Larsen… i think.

  7. Bill Bunkle, Robert Ricky, Donny Donson, Chris Duncan, Phil Alito and Louis Dingle