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Win: Six Week’s Worth of Boards from High Cascade


Are you planning on coming to camp? Want to win a free snowboard? Well here is your chance to make your dreams come true! High Cascade Snowboard Camp is giving away one free snowboard, a HCSC sweatshirt and a HCSC sticker pack to one lucky winner each week for the next six weeks.

How? All you have to do is register for camp in the next six weeks and you will be entered into the hat of names. Want to increase your chances of winning? Sign up for camp the first week of the contest, and you will be entered into the contest each week until the contest is a wrap. And to top it off, if you register before January 1st, you also get the option of $100 off your session OR a HCSC byProducts™ package, which includes a HCSC/Burton Shred Scout Pack, HCSC Sweatshirt, Coal Team Beanie, Airblaster Sunglasses, 10 SHRD Bucks and the VG  Classics (Retrospect, Shoot the Moon, and Trick Tips).

High Cascade will pick one winner and announce their names on their blog and their Facebook each Monday following the board give away.

Dates and boards are as follows:
Salomon Man’s Board — November 16th — November 25th
Capita Ultrafear — November 26th — December 2nd
K2 Happy Hour  – December 3rd — December 9th
Forum Destroyer – December 10th — December 16th
Burton Parkitect — December 17th — December 23rd
Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher — December 24th — December 31st

click here to register for your session.

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Comments (9)

  1. $2,000 for camp? They should just give everyone a snowboard…

  2. and this is why people with money end up being so good

  3. nice the dead company sponsors camp

    Forum Destroyer – December 10th – December 16th

  4. I party with the pro’s and smoke mad cigs

  5. so all i need to do to sign up for this contest is drop 2000$? rad.

  6. just like every contest i sign up for i wont be able to win… except this time i dont have 2 gs so i cant even sign up

  7. W A T T H E F U C K K I N D O F C O NT E S T IS this ? !?!?? ?! ???? ! ??

  8. you never even told us who won those boots.


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