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Digi Cam Glam FULL MOVIE

Just when you though the Internet couldn’t be more clogged… ANOTHER full movie… Filmed entirely without the use of fancy camera equipment.

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Comments (50)

  1. If you all are sponsored how come I’ve never heard of any of you? Just because you sucked some Team Managers dick and got a free board doesn’t mean you’re sponsored. OJC sucks worse than catching your toe edge and doing scorpions down an east coast mogul field.

  2. Sammy Spiteri is in Holy Smokes and the newest issue of snowboarder. Paul has filmed shots in half the movies out there. Colton Morgan is on Salomon and filmed with Working for the City. Durell has shots in VGs Enlighten. Now go fuck yourself idiot.

  3. The haters are really letting me down on this one.

  4. At least Gremlin videos don’t use wack music. And show guys holding hands and what about the guy talking about the lip is too tall? If its a joke he sure has that voice down.

  5. Hey dumb ass, that video from guys holding hands is from The Gremlinz TVC edit. Try again you mark ass buster.

  6. AHAHAHHAHAH. Everyone thinks this is serious but it’s not. These guys are just having fun. So what if they used linkin park? They’re almost all better than anyone of you guys saying they suck. This movie is the best thing since sliced bread, more tastier too.

  7. im starting the open zipper crew (ozc) come find me on the hill boiz 🙂 (hot snowboarders guyz only)

  8. finally!!!!! i made it in a bhappy film!!

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