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It’s a Rail Safari at Trollhaugen!

You know how we feel about dressing people up in costumes!

Valhalla – the mere mention of the name would cause skilled armies to tremble. Those who entered its gates had earned their rightful place in history, having brought the full weight of their hammer against cold steel. So what will you do human? The Trollhaugen Park Crew & friends built into the wee hours to bring the Valhalla terrain park back to its white-covered glory. The rope is ready. Valhalla awaits. Will you answer the call? GO TROLL!!!

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Comments (9)

  1. I love troll… but that was super annoying. still excited to go there this weekend though.

  2. well that was definitely something.

  3. This Saturday from Noon to 1:00pm we’ll be at the base of Valhalla giving out free hard shell taco’s. Come by and experience “A Whole Lotta Mexican.”

  4. taco johns in duluth gave me the shits…

  5. lmao this is such a horrible video


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