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Brendan Gerard FULL PART

Once upon a time, snowboarders were punk kids, scaring the squares with their no-fucks-given attitudes and filthy appearances. The few “jock” snowboarders (ahem, Jimi Scott) were booed on their way down the halfpipe and the badass boarders ruled! It was awesome. Anyway, Brendan Gerard is keeping that dream alive, and here’s his full part from last season.

Edit: Ryan Scardigli

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Comments (19)

  1. Clearly not giving a fuck when hitting powder in a hoodie

  2. So hip. Any hipper he would be on a skateboard

  3. Spindrift is for sure not dyke rock faggot.

  4. This part was fucking sick. Brendan’s grabs are full of style and tweak. The wallride gap wallride is a timeless urban shot.

  5. watching & appreciating > comparisons & bullshit

  6. mah deeeek gess hawd watchin dissss

  7. No nude or wierd underwear Shots? Fuck.