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Fast Laps: Killington

Ever heard the expression, “Don’t Jersey Vermont?” These kids are totally disobeying.

Riders: Kevin Kaczynski, Brandon Chiesa, Justin Brzostowski, Brett Stewart and Matt Genovese.

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Comments (25)

  1. killing it with sweet moves, rad edit Dakota.

  2. hyped on both opening edits from killington using almost the same song by the same artist…

  3. i see hobush. oh wait just another kid copying everything he has. except his style maybe next time champ

  4. ^ You are a perfect example of someone I would never fucking snowboard with ever “everywhere I look now” you sound like a 15 year old girl.

  5. How is this not a rejected edit???

  6. matt should stick to cramming twigs in his urethra

  7. matty g on tha come up. watch ya bax errybody

  8. im pretty sure this edit was approved because of the kid wearing a saga sweatshirt

  9. Matt G? What about Brett Stewart?!

  10. Brett stewart slays no doubt. Definitely coming through with the most solid and stylish tricks in the edit.

  11. Check out another edit from Killington this past weekend

  12. They should have picked a gayer song

  13. I though Lykke Li songs were for bull dykes #stillfuckinglegit

  14. mean lip slides and not with the ones the lips on my face

  15. Tall Flannel Kid (?) has oozing style.

  16. That was cool besides the worst broll ever.


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