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Creative for Coal: Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens and creativity. Like peanut butter and jelly.

does not like to find tranny.
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  • Taylor

    I met scott on saturday, hes the coolest guy

  • yobeatoff

    whats with connor brown and being gay

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  • Connor Brown’s Mom

    I buy my little Conny Pookey Poo every camera majigger he needs to make his shots blury for $4,000 dollars..

  • snatch

    His smirk after he lands tricks…it’s like he knows he’s better than me.

  • fuqboi

    Scott is to sick. Nice job Connor

  • minnesotanice

    scott always looks like he is having the most fun ever.

  • @Connor Brown’s Mom

    turn hd on you dumbass bitch

  • JP Walker

    creativity for days!

  • alex cato

    i can out drink both of them.

  • Lee

    Maddie’s got mad tricks