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The Minnesota House: Episode 1

The first official episode of the Signal House has it all — Jokes about keeping girls in the kitchen, Danimals cam, dart skills and oh yeah, snowboarding. Live the dream with Danimals, Cody Beiersdorf, Jake OE and friends.

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Comments (21)

  1. i cant break my board over my head… kinda bad advertising for signal. good video though

  2. well i was considering buying a signal..

  3. so its 1817 but signal is paying for it?

  4. quick question for hyland hills.. why the fuck is hello kitty on a box?..

  5. Apple would make that house complete

  6. Make-I’d take a stab at thats to make all the Skiers more comfortable?!

  7. snowboarding needs to bring back the front blunt swivel

  8. Why the fuck did they break that snowboard over their heads? Why the fuck did it break so easily? Sponsor me

  9. yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uhhh

  10. I had always heard signals were super durable…

  11. jake oe is my baby daddy

  12. please tell me that wasnt a brand new board

  13. Hopefully the episodes become more entertaining.

  14. minnesota is kinda like utah, in the sense that the only thing that sucks about living in minnesota, is that you’re living in minnesota.

  15. Only thing worse than New Mexico is Illinois. Damn FIBs. Thank God Alpine Valley is in Minnesota! AVPC!

  16. If everyone would look closely the top sheet and more is obviously already cracked on the board. Doing that with a brand new board would be totally impossible.

  17. Cody makes me want to snowboard.. And that nollie gap fb was so dope. These guys can board


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