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Monday Minute: Trollhaugen is Open!

And just like that, winter is here. The House of 1817 crew dusts off the cobwebs and does some boarding.

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  1. 1817


  3. These videos make people think they can do what they do. But I bet all those set ups are super sketchy in person.

  4. @nathan Its not really that sketch were just that good…

  5. Danimals is president of the Trill Club.

  6. Danimals nollie back 1!! whats the “no promises” deck boody is riding? I guess he’s not riding academy decks anymore..

  7. Its an Interior Plains Project board.

  8. its a brand called Interior Plain Project and it’s the BEEZE NEEZE

  9. @DAD I was riding there a couple nights ago when fronius was filming, so maybe an edit will come soon


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