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W.A.R.U.’s Indoor Tour 2012

Our favorite Japanese homeys hit up the finest domes in the Japan. Hilarity ensues.

Riders: Hiroshi Suganuma, Shimpei Shimoda, Kazuhei Nomura, Muga Shimosato, Masa Noaki, Katsuhiko Tachibana
Filmer: Hideyasu Hirata

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Comments (28)

  1. does anyone know the last song they were all singing? i wanna put that in my edit.

  2. Asians… They were born to be wild.

  3. This is so fucking sick, yobeat should cover more shit like this.

  4. Was that Joe Sexton??….wait….

  5. i honestly was hoping they would utilize that half pipe more

  6. are you sure they arent Chinese? its really hard to tell these days…

  7. so i guess these guys are from the midwest of japan

  8. those jnepnation kids could make a better edit than this…

  9. Jerm please come hate on this, because it was terrible.

  10. that “snow” they were on looked like pure ice. im just gona stick to snowboarding outside, unless global warming goes crazy.

  11. muga is the best human of all time

  12. Is there really no zeach comments?


  14. i think some of these guys were on mxc

  15. the song made it so much harder to watch.

  16. at least they were throwing down some heavy tricks though….oh wait.

  17. i dont understand their sense of humour.

  18. this edit was absolutely terrible. no one likes yellow snow………….


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