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Mammoth Opening Day Soul-Cation 2012

Words: Justin Leveille. Photos: Brooke Geery. Video: Connor Brown

With everyone expecting a sunny, slushy vacay at Mammoth’s opening weekend, many were sorely surprised when they showed up to a cold, icy, white ribbon of death. Yobeat, on the other hand, could not be stopped. After weathering weeks of Portland rain, we set out on Yobeat Soul-cation 2012 ™ and prepared our souls for the upcoming winter.

Wednesday, 7 AM: Hung over in celebration of Obama keeping my health insurance alive for another couple years, we groggily boarded a plane to Reno and the Yobeat Soul-Cation 2012 ™ was underway.

9AM: To emphasize the message of our mission, we paid $8 extra per day to rent a Kia Soul and set out to explore nature’s majesty.

2PM We Realize Yosemite is only 12 miles away. Nature becomes an essential part of Soul-Cation 2012 ™

9 PM: Arrive at Mammoth and meet up with Connor Brown and Alex Cato who set up a homeless style camp in the hotel room. Eventually Brooke tells us to shut the fuck up.

Thursday Nov 8th. 9 AM: Wake up early to windy and cold weather. Get on hill to discover the conditions are similar to an opening day on the east coast, without the snow-guns.

11 AM: Some heads shred the ice skating rink that is the park.

1 PM: With the Mammoth park scene played out, we ditched the video cameras and searched for powder. Matty Mo showed us to a spot with some better-than-edgable snow.

2 PM: Too foggy and socked in and with chair three stopping intermitently it was back to the room for beer.

Final judgement: Mammoth Opening day 2012: great success.

And this is just the start, there’s all sort of festivities going on in the Village all weekend long so get up here and find yo’ self some secret pow stashes.

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  • dick poncho

    what did i just read


    Those rails are like… smaller than beavis wiener uhuhuhuhuhuh






    Is this supposed to be a PR stunt for kia soul’s? Serious question.

  • dick

    west coasters are so spoiled. who leaves opening day at 2?

  • boardjumpz

    The Oversons. So sick

  • fuqboi

    hell yes

  • yo!

    whats the song in the video?

  • sweatsack

    that Antwon song is going to be overused starting now

  • Batwing

    Alex Cato is sick! Anyone heard of that WeatherMTN brand he is riding for?

  • quinn

    my edit was better

  • hardrock

    get a life connor

  • remos

    looks like your sugar coating a terrible day of terrible riding.

  • JH

    no wonder you struggled on the ice your feet are so close your knees are touching.

  • fukit

    yeah, nice try connor, you hella bundle of sticks

  • Dunfee

    Wow, looks pretty fucking weak. Think I’m just gonna keep doing yoga and waiting for my basil to grow on my windowsil.

  • Zoid

    The Overson’s are the next big thing! Comin atcha!!!

  • Dicks SPortin Goods

    Cale is a funny name for a chick

  • supertramp

    Cato is a funny name for a cat

  • deleterepeatruin

    O% interest on the kia soul! shit i just spent my season pass money on a shitty car.. fuck u yobeat an your mind games

  • kevin court

    like the sketchyest east coast day ever….except its mammoth


    That song was good until some guy started to rap over it

  • johnyb

    wasn’t expecting the cale zima but nonetheless young

  • merica

    all the pampered west coasters can’t handle one day of ice…

  • TheRustBelt

    I would trade my left nut to snowboard right now.

  • G

    This makes Mammoth look like a rather sad and depressing place

  • wow that is a small rail

    skateboard rail